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Duckie Deck Collection for Windows Phone and Windows 8!

Posted 4 months ago by duckiedeck

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Kasia Mitas - a qualified journalist and a PR specialist, owner of MayLily, a unique children accessories manufacturer. Mother of two by day and by night.

The philosophy of the Duckie Deck creators is based on helping parents strengthen their bonds with their children. Duckie Deck doesn’t offer “time-killers” or games that cut children off from the outside world. The app don’t aim at the opposite extreme either - you won’t find any crib sheets in the form of educational essays here; parents can use their own creativity to explain the world to their child. A Duckie Deck application can be used as safe entertainment, for example, during a car trip when a child uses a mobile device on her or his own. It can also be used to explain important issues and show positive values in a way that will appeal to a child.

Below you can find short descriptions of the games (their names have been created by my 4-year-old daughter Helenka).

Animal Feeder In this game, you have to feed animals in the zoo. Apart from animals, you can also feed their nice carer. A child learns that different animals eat different things: something that is liked by and suitable for seals may not be necessarily right for frogs. The application inspires a conversation about animal protection and care, and about the world’s diversity.

Greengrocer This application involves collecting fruit and vegetables and then eating them. An addicting game, which, at the same time, is also relaxing. It’s often selected by my daughter when she comes home tired from kindergarten. It really encourages children to like fruit and vegetables! It also shows that food doesn’t come from “the shop”: before it makes its way onto our plates, it has to be grown and harvested. This game may inspire a conversation about nature and its gifts.

Pretty Charming Magic Should a child’s development be limited to learning letters and numbers? Maybe we should also make sure that there’s some magic in our child’s life. This application encourages children to turn on their imagination and have some creative fun. It can be also used to encourage our little ones to tell us about their dreams.

Cleaning Cleaning is something that has to be done, but when you’re little, you don’t quite get the point of it. It’s our task to encourage and explain to a child why certain things simply have to be done. The application helps us make the cleaning seem like something cheerful and fun this might be the first step towards parent-child house-cleanings.

Nice Monsters Children are afraid of the dark, which is by no means surprising after all, there might be a scary monster hiding under the bed or in the closet. The application allows us to make those night terrors look friendly. It’s also designed in a creative way. The way the music emphasizes the tension is great, and monsters look hilarious after the lights have been turned on. The app can be used to inspire a conversation about your child’s fears and problems. It can be a beautiful example of how certain things seem much scarier than they actually are. This is also a perfect parent-child activity, during which we let our child know that we’re close and willing to help in every situation.

Character Assembler A simple game of assembling characters it allows a child to develop the ability to match elements. We can use it to start a conversation about diversity in the animal world, e.g., by answering such questions as “Why does a cat have claws, while a frog has jumpy feet?”

I really like the visual aspect of the Duckie Deck Collection-beautiful and unique graphics encourage children to have fun, while, at the same time, teach them about esthetic quality. Characters are unconventional and absolutely cute. Navigating and using these applications is intuitive there are no unnecessary elements, additions, or ads, which would make it impossible for younger children to have fun. The music and sounds also deserve to be mentioned—they subtly fit in and complement the application, which, unfortunately, is not always the case when it comes to applications for children, resulting in the user turning off the sound on their device.

What do I like the most?
• Parents can play the games with their children, allowing parents to teach, guide, encourage their children
• Graphic and sound quality
• Easy to navigate and use
• A set of games in one package
• No ads

What should be improved?
• The cleaning application requires a large number of moves. This could be simplified with younger children in mind.

Summary The Duckie Deck Collection is a valuable and safe suggestion for children and their parents. It’s just up to us and our creativity how we’ll use it.



Duckie Deck with Leap Motion

Posted 6 months ago by duckiedeck

We recently got our hands on a pre-release Leap Motion Controller, the compact 3D motion sensing device. While experimenting with potential uses for the controller, we easily came up with some fun applications.

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Duckie Deck’s Tooth Brushing with Leap Controller from Duckie Deck on Vimeo.


The new app for the youngest is coming!

Posted 6 months ago by duckiedeck


At Duckie Deck we talk to parents a lot. We do everything to match your and your child’s needs in the best way possible. We appreciate your feedback. We mix it with our creativity and the knowledge of child specialists. That’s how we create top-notch quality games with adequate educational value.

Our latest game is designed for the youngest iPad users :)
The app is coming soon, so click the button below to be up-to-date!

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Brand New “Robo Buddies”

Posted 6 months ago by duckiedeck

Robo Buddies is the latest game from Duckie Deck, designed with fun-loving toddlers and preschoolers in mind.

The challenge is to assemble a new friend for Bolt, the helpful robot. By uncovering each scene and finding the matching pieces, the player can unlock the parts needed to build a new robot buddy.

Do you want to try it? Click to Install the App Now!


Games Tested on Kids

Posted 6 months ago by duckiedeck

How do we create our games? Parents from all over the world tackle the same challenges and look for tools that could help them. They share their issues with us. Thank you guys! Using our knowledge and over 6 years of experience, we design games concepts with four areas of child’s development in mind:

Every single game is tested on kids. We always recreate the fun and at-ease atmosphere of home. We give children iPads and observe how they use and respond to the games.

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